Peroneal tendon


The peroneal tendons lies immediately behind the fibula of the ankle.

Responsible for moving the foot outwards, eversion.

Help to balance the ankle and back of the foot and prevents the foot from turning inwards.

Because it is weaker than the muscles and tendons on the inside of the ankle it is prone to injury as the ankle turns, rolls or becomes sprained.

Tears of these tendons occur, and one or both of the tendons can be torn leading to swelling, pain and instability of the ankle.

Injury to the tendon results in recurrent dislocation and tearing of the tendons.

Acutely dislocated tendons require repair to prevent tearing.

Diagnosis of peroneal tendon injury is made by examination and palpation, but MRI may be required to more clearly document the extent of the tear.

Tears require surgical repair or tendon replaced.

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