Percutaneous ventricular assist devices (PVADs)

Used as temporary mechanical circulatory support.

Impella device is a catheter based pump inserted via femoral artery, advanced over a wire, and positioned across the aortic valve.

The device positioned in the left ventricle draws blood from the left ventricle and pumps it into the aorta.

The Tandem Heart is a continuous flow external pump withdrawing oxygenated blood via a cannula in the left atrium via transseptal route and then pumps it into the arterial system using a cannula inserted in the femoral artery.

PVADs can be inserted in the cardiac catherization lab.

PVADs provide up to 5 L/ minute of cardiac output.

Used in cardiogenic shock as a bridge to recovery, in acute MI with cardiogenic shock, and in high risk percutaneous coronary intervention.

Has superior mean arterial pressure compared to intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABPs).

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