Pegylated interferon

A semisynthetic form of interferon alpha2b or interferon alpha 2a attached to a PEG molecule prolongs the plasma half-life, allowing prolonged activity.

Asociated with fewer side effects and probably more activity than alpha interferon.

Formed from the attachment of 1 or more polyethylene glycols to the interferon molecule, with alteration in immunologic, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of interferon.

Two forms IFN-alpha2a and alpha2b.

Has comparable results when compared with hydroxyurea in patients with essential thrombocytosis and polycythemia rubra vera.

Pegylated interferon added to ribavirin more effective in the treating of Hepatitis C than standard IFN plus ribavirin due to a higher sustained virolgic response.

Peginterferon-alfa-2b (Sylatron) approved for the adjuvant treatment of patients with resected node positive melanoma based on the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer( EORTC) trial showing a statistically significant improvement in the relapse free survival and go without an accompanying overall survival advantage.

Up to one third of patients develop or exacerbate depression and is associated with early termination and treatment failure.

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