Pathergy is a cutaneous phenomenon seen with Behçet’s disease, pyoderma gangrenosum, and Sweet syndrome.

Process where a minor trauma such as a bump or bruise leads to the development of skin lesions or ulcers that may be resistant to healing.

Can lead to ulcerations at the site of surgical incisions.

Often responds to systemic steroid therapy.

A unique feature of Behçet’s disease and, is among the major criteria required for the diagnosis.



Test to produce a pathergy reaction: The pathergy test is a simple procedure in which a small, sterile needle, is inserted into the skin of the forearm. 
Occurrence of a small red bump or pustule at the site of needle insertion one to two days following the pathergy test constitutes a positive result.

Pathergy test is done both orally and cutaneously.

The lower lip is the site of testing orally.

The appearance of any ulcer or papule indicates positive Pathergy reaction.

Cutaneous sites are flexor forearm.

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