Oral Ulcers

Overwhelming majority of such lesions are self-limited.

May be a result of minor trauma.

Differential diagnosis includes herpes simplex virus, coxsackievirus, acute HIV infection, neutropenic ulcers, iron deficiency, Behcet’s disease and collagen vascular diseases.

Ulcerations caused by herpes simplex virus are anterior, around the gums and lips.

Lesions due to coxsackievirus are typically more posterior and associated with cutaneous lesions in the palms and soles.

Aphthous stomatitis are shallow but painful ulcers, which may be triggered by other infections.

Most common causes or minor trauma, herpes simplex virus, and aphthous ulcers (canker sores).

Most oral ulcers or self-limited.

Oral ulcers due to mechanical or thermal trauma, sharp edge tooth, sharp filling, poorly fitting dentures usually heal within three weeks when the cause of Irritation is removed.

Persistent oral ulcer differential diagnosis: candidiasis, lichen planus, squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, minor salivary gland tumor, aphthous ulcer, syphilis, fungal infection, mycobacterial infection, inflammatory bowel disease, erythema multiforme, drug induced ulcers, ANCA-associated vasculitis, and sarcoidosis.

Oral ulcer evaluation should include noting the color of the ulcer, its depth, protrusion above the mucosal surface, location and possible association with a mass.

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