Opioids and pregnancy

The rate of opioid related diagnoses during pregnancy has increased in all states and demographic groups. 

Opioid overdose is now a leading cause of pregnancy related deaths. 

The use of methadone and buprenorphine for opioid use disorder in pregnancy, reduces the risk of overdose and preterm birth, and is a recommended treatment approach for pregnant persons with the disorder.

The use of methadone to treat opioid use disorder for pregnancy is limited by the fact that patients are required to present to a treatment program daily for observe medication administration, creating a barrier to its use. 

The use of view of buprenorphine, compared with methadone use during pregnancy: outcomes associated with buprenorphine  revealed in the abstinence syndrome revealed significantly less use of morphine, a shorter duration of treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome, and a shorter  hospital stay than infants exposed to methadone.

In patients given buprenorphine or methadone during pregnancy: the neonatal abstinence syndrome occurred in 69% of the infants exposed to methadone in the 30 days before delivery, as compared with 52% of those reported exposed to buprenorphine during the same period. 

Buprenorphine  is the most commonly used medication in pregnant persons with opioid use disorder. 

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