Opioid use deterrents

Formulations designed to deter tampering, increase the time and energy required to remove extended-release capabilities, and decrease/limit the reward of opioids.

Methods used to address different abuse activities include: barriers to use ingredients and manufacturing technology to make the product resistant to crushing, chewing, and gelling.

Preventing tablets to be broken down into a fine powder that enables ingestion via the nasal route, and if dissolving is attempted in the formulation, then the formulation transforms into a gel-like mass which makes it difficult to use through a syringe.

Opioids work by attaching themselves to receptors in the body and embedding antagonists into the medication can effect the narcotic to be blocked when abused, while still releasing the apppropriate medication.

Use of prodrug formulations can help prevent rapid euphoria abusers seek by disincentivizing intranasal or intravenous abuse.

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