Ocular adnexal MALTOMA

Rare entity comprising a small proportion of orbital neoplasms and non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

Incidence highest among Asians/Pacific Islanders, and lower in whites and lower yet in blacks.

Equal among the genders.

Annual increases in incidence of approximately 6%.

MALTomas the most common subtype of ocular adnexal lymphoma.

Primary management consists of radiation, with the addition of chemotherapy depending upon stage.

Median age about 57 years (Russell W et al).

Approximately 80% of patients for stage IAE.

Less than 20% are stage IVAE.

Greater than 43% have conjunctiva involvement, 25% of cases involve orbital structures, greater than 18% involve the lacrimal duct or sac, , and 12 1/2% involve more than one orbital subsite (Russell W et al).

Radiation alone leads to 85% complete remission and 75% local control.

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