Motorcycle accidents

During 2003 at least 254 people under the age of 19 died and an estimated 56,870 were treated in emergency departments for motorcycle riding injuries.

In 2006 among 12-20 year olds motorcycle crashes accounted for 3% of injury hospitalizations among youths and 5% of traumatic brain injuries (Weiss H et al).

One-third of motorcycle related hospitalizations among youths involve traumatic brain injury.

In 2010 4502 motorcyclists including operators and passengers killed in motorcycle crashes made up 14% of road traffic deaths.

Motorcycles account for less than 1% of all vehicle miles traveled.

Helmet use reduces motorcycle crash related injuries and deaths, and the most effective way to increase helmet use is enactment of universal helmet laws.

On average, 12% fatally injured motorcyclists were not wearing helmets in states where Universal helmet laws exist, compared with 64% where partial helmet laws exist, and 79% in states without a helmet law.

Helmet use is estimated to prevent 37% of fatalities among motorcycle operators and 41% of fatalities among passengers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2010 helmet use saved the lives of 1544 motorcyclists and an additional 709 lives might have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.

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