Natural mortality of the U.S. population is approximately 1% to 2% per year.

High social status associated with a low mortality.

More than 36 million people worldwide die from non-communicable diseases each year.

Non-communicable diseases account with 63% of annual global deaths and most are preventable.

Education significantly influences mortality as indicated that in 1998 the life expectancy at age 25 was 7.1 years higher for men and 4.2 years for women with some college education than for men or women with only a high-school education.

Rates for boys are higher than rates for females for every age group of children and youth with the largest difference among adolescents.

Rates for male teenagers higher than for females counterparts because of high risk behavior.

Rate higher for males in childhood, but the cause is obscure.

Approximately 80% of Americans die of chronic illnesses including CV diseases, cancer, dementia, and chronic lung disease.


Estimated that 6.3 million children worldwide died in 2013 before attaining five years of age, from mostly preventable disease processes.

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