MammoSite radiotherapy system

Consists of a balloon with a double lumen catheter.

One of the lumens used to expand the balloon with saline and the other receives a radioactive source.

Device placed in cavity of lumpectomy site at the time of surgery or placed percutaneously after definitive surgical procedure.

Shortens treatment time to 1 week.

34 Gy are usually delivered in 10 fractions given twice per day over 5-7 days to 1 cm beyond the edge of the device.

Following completion of the administration of radiation the balloon is deflated and he catheter removed.

Only early data exists with a median follow up ranging from 11-29 months no local recurrences and excellent cosmesis in 80-93% of patients.

Associated with a steep learning curve.

Complications include infections in up to 16% of cases and seromas in up to 32%.

Complications of balloon explantation, rupture, poor conformance and has the disadvantage of being placed by an invasive procedure.

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