Luminal A breast cancer

The vast majority of breast cancers are ER positive and can be classified into 2 molecular subtypes: luminal A and luminal B. 


Compared with their luminal B counterparts, luminal A tumors generally are lower grade, have higher expression of estrogen-related genes, have a better prognosis, and are more sensitive to endocrine therapy.

A subtype of breast cancer that composes at least half of all new breast cancer diagnoses.

Patients with luminal A tumors have a better disease-free survival if progesterone receptor is greater than 20%, and generally defined as ER positive, PR greater than 20%, HER2 negative and KI-67 less than 14%.

ER positive breast cancers with genomic luminal A have lower risk signatures and tend to be strongly ER positive and PR  positive with a lower grade, less proliferation, and associated better prognosis.

Has a low recurrence rate based on gene based assays.

Among women, at least 55 years of age with a T1N0 grade, one or two luminal A breast cancer, treated with breast conserving surgery and endocrine therapy alone, the incidence of local recurrence at five years was low with omission of radio therapy (Whelan TJ).

Luminal B tumors are ER positive, HER2 positive or negative and at least one of thefollowing: KI-67 20% or greater, PR negative or less than 20% and high recurrence rate based on multiple gene expression assay.

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