Low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma

Accounts for approximately 10% of all ovarian serous carcinomas.

Distinct from other ovarian cancers by unique histologic, molecular and clinical manifestations.

Has a more indolent course and a more favorable prognosis compared to high-grade serous carcinomas of the ovary.

More resistant to chemotherapy than high-grade serous carcinomas of the ovary.

In a recurrent setting response rate to chemotherapy less than 4%.

KRAS mutations 20-40%, and BRAF mutations 5-33%.

Associated with increased frequency of expression of activated protein kinase (MAPK).

Expression of MAPK in low-grade serous ovarian cancers is 81% compared to 41% in high-grade lesions.

Selumetinib an oral potent, selective, small molecule inhibitor of MAPKMEH1/2 promising agent.

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