Loin-Pain Hematuria Syndrome

Occurs primarily in women and is manifest by dull pain in the groin area and is associated with hematuria.

Unilateral or bilateral flank pain and microscopic or macroscopic hematuria that is otherwise unexplained.

A diagnosis of exclusion.

Patients presents with hematuria and flank pain which can result from a number of causes.

Overlaps with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

A thin glomerular basement membrane is proposed to be the finding on renal biopsy to account for the process.

Renal tubular congestion with renal swelling and renal fascial distension is another proposed mechanism for the process.

Very rare process that predominately affects females, with only several hundred cases have been reported.

May be a debilitation process with chronic pain.

Pain may be increased by activity.

Treatment is symptomatic and no cause exists.

ACE inhibitors may reduce intraglomerular pressure and reduce renal tubular congestion with red blood cells and provide symptomatic relief in some pateints.

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