Iron sucrose

As effective as iron dextran for iron therapy but less likely to induce an anaphylactoid reaction.

More readily available for erythropoiesis than dextran iron therapy.

It is not necessary to administer a test dose during first-time administration.

Intravenous iron sucrose added to ESAs results in a greater hemoglobin response, a shorter time to reach hemoglobin greater than 2 g/dL compared to ESA therapy alone in lymphoma patients (Hedenus DH et al).

In a randomized study of 375 patients with cancer or cancer chemotherapy induced anemia comparing the ESAs alone or iron sucrose plus ESA therapy: Resulted in higher maximum hemoglobin levels in the combination treatment (Anthony LB et al).

Iron sucrose can be administered 200 mg over 5 min. without serious adverse events or intolerance.

With first exposure to IV iron has the lowest risk of anaphylaxis of iron products.

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