Group of genetically inherited disorders is associated with excessive keratin build up resulting in a clinical finding of fishlike scaling.

Most cases recognized at or around the time of birth.

Acquired types exist and are associated with malignant lymphoid or parenchymal neoplasms.

A process characterized by rough, scaly skin.

A heterogeneous family of at least 28, generalized, mostly genetic skin disorders.

Many types are associated with cracked skin, which is said to resemble the scales on a fish.

Ichthyosis means fish in Greek.

The severity of symptoms varies from the mild to life-threatening conditions

The most common type such ichthyosis vulgaris which may be mistaken for normal dry skin, and accounts for more than 95% of cases.

Types are classified by their appearance and their genetic cause.

Ichthyosis caused by the same gene can vary in severity and symptoms.

Different genes can produce ichthyoses with similar symptoms.

X-linked ichthyosis is associated with Kallmann syndrome.

More common in Native American, Asian, Mongolian groups.

Treatment takes the form of topical application of creams and emollient oils, in an attempt to hydrate the skin.

Creams containing lactic acid, propylene glycol, retinoids are used for some conditions.

Exposure to sunlight may improve or worsen the process.

Ocular manifestations such as corneal and ocular surface diseases can occur.

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