Hypertensive emergency

Refers to blood pressure greater than 180/120 mg Hg.

Hypertensive urgency has no associated target organ damage.

Hypertensive emergency may be associated with neurologic, aortic, cardiac, renal, hematological, and/or pregnancy related damage.

Hypertensive urgency he refers to severe hypertension in patients who have no symptoms.

Hypertensive urgency is associated with anxiety to patients and clinicians, but does not require hospital admission and has a good prognosis.

Hypertensive urgency is defined as systolic blood pressure of 180 mm Hg and or diastolic blood pressure of at least 110 mg mmHg without associated organ damage.

Hypertensive urgency accounts for approximately 4.6% of office visits.

Only about 5% of patients with hypertensive urgency have abnormal testing and they represent patients with unnecessary exposure to radiation and potential harm.

Asymptomatic severe hypertension accounts for as many as 27% of medical emergencies seen in the emergency department, and 3% of all outpatient visits.

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