Fifth leading cause of death for persons aged 10-60 years.

Rates among older children and young adults have steadily decreased to a 30 year low in 2010.

Firearms accounts for 80% of homicides in 10-24 year age group.

The annual homicide rate from firearms in the the young is 4 times higher than from other causes.

The highest homicide rates among those 20-24 are males, and Blacks.

In Black males, ages 15 to 34, homicide deaths is the leading cause of death, the majority of which are due to firearms.

Age adjusted homicide rate among American Indian and Alaskan native individuals is eight per hundred thousand population, with avsignificantly higher rate occur among American Indian and Alaskan native men at 12 per thousand population than women 3.9 per hundred thousand population.

Age adjusted homicide rates in the US population is 7.87 per hundred thousand population among males and 2.06 per 100,000 population among females.

Age related homicide for black persons is 29.2 per hundred thousand population.

Firearm homicide rates are 10 times greater in black individuals than white individuals (29 per hundred thousand versus 2.9 per 100,000, respectively).

Homicide rates for American Indian and Alaskan native individuals are disproportionately high compared without the race and ethnic groups, except for non Hispanic black inviduals.

A risk factor for homicide, regardless of race or ethnicity of the affected person, is being pregnant or less than six weeks postpartum.


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