This site seeks to bring to the public’s attention the devastating deterioration in health care by government and the private health insurance industry.

The number of regulations, requirements and hoops that are being forced on patients and their physicians, and other health care professionals, has been devastating. These restrictions are causing great pain for patients by diminishing their access to care and caring. Hardly an individual receiving health care has been spared these abuses.

We will be providing information about the effects of the intrusive nature of Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance.

We will outline the various difficulties that are present for the medical professional to be able to provide meaningful medical care.

We will also provide information, and strategies to fight these distressing occurrences.

We will provide patients with a course of action to minimize the obstructionistic, and invasive nature of non-medical bureaucrats.

We will provide physicians with plans to protect their obligations to provide optimum care to their patients, and to promote their profession’s well being.

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