Hand assisted laparoscopy

Incorporates features of both standard laparoscopy and open surgery.

Surgeon’s dominant hand controls laparoscopic instrumentation and is used for dissection, suturing and clip application through the nondominant port.

The nondominant hand enters the abdominal cavity through a 7 cm incision which allows spatial orientation, tactile sensation, exposure, retraction and hemostasis, while a second laparoscopic port is used for a telescope providing visualization of the operative field.

Space for retrieval of organs is provided by the hand access incision.

A hand is inserted through an access port and it maintains a pneumoperitoneum permitting laparoscopic visualization and placement of other laparoscopic instruments.

Facilitates laparoscopic surgery without compromising shorter hospital stay and prompt recovery associated with laparoscopic only procedures.

Utilized for splenectomy, bowel resections, gastrectomy, bariatric surgery, proctocolectomy and nephrectomy.

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