Hallux varus


Refers to the medial deviation of the great toe.

Hallux varus is a deformity of the great toe joint where the hallux is deviated medially, towards the midline of the body, away from the first metatarsal bone.

The hallux usually moves in the transverse plane.

Unlike hallux valgus, it is uncommon in the West but it is common in cultures where the population remains unshod.

Causes range from iatrogenic postoperative process, rheumatic, posttraumatic and idiopathic.

Posttraumatic changes related to tear in the Hallux lateral collateral ligament.

Flexible hallux varus common in newborns and usually resolves in early childhood with walking.

Incidence of iatrogenic postoperative hallux varus ranges from 0% for distal astronomies without a lateral release to 15% from proximal astronomies with distal soft tissue release.

Crescentic osteotomies have a varus rate of 10%.

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