Gun suicide

In 2005 suicide was the second leading cause of death for Americans 40 years of age or younger.

More than half of all suicides are gun suicides.

In 2005 46 Americans committed suicide with a gun on a daily basis, accounting for 535 of all completed suicides.

During 2005 gun suicides accounted form 40% more deaths than gun homicide.

Whites have a higher rate of firearm suicides than Blacks.

In 2018 24,432 suicides by firearms occurred in the US.

Presently, approximately 60 people die each day in the US from suicide by firearms.

A gun in the home associated with an increased risk of suicide, typically 2-10 times that in homes without guns.

Only a few minutes elapses between deciding to commit suicide and caring it out, suggests making it more difficult to access guns can lower the firearm suicide rate.

Higher risk of suicide in homes with firearms applies to the gun owner, their spouse and children.

Firearms are 2.6 times more lethal than suffocation, the second deadliest means of suicide.

Firearms are used in less than 5% of suicides, but account for half of suicide fatalities.

Adolescent suicide four times higher in homes with a loaded, unlocked gun compared to homes where the guns were stored unloaded and locked.

States with higher rates of household gun ownership associated with higher rates of firearm suicide and overall suicides.

No relationship between firearm ownership rates and nonfirearm suicides.

Handgun ownership is associated with a greatly elevated and long lasting risk of suicide by firearms.

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