Gun shot wounds

In 2005 30,694 people died from such wounds: 17,002 were suicides, 12,352 homicides and 1340 accidental, police related or of unknown intent.

In 2005 nearly 70,000 received treatment for nonfatal gun shot wounds.

Abdominal gun shot wounds require surgery much more frequently than abdominal stab wounds (80-95%).

30% case fatality rate is 18 times higher than that for motorcyclists injuries.

More than 80% of related deaths are at the scene or in the emergency department.

Gold standard of management of abdominal gun shot wounds is immediate exploratory laparotomy to evaluate injuries.

Exploration is associated with minimal morbidity and rapid evaluation prevents delayed diagnosis and treatment of life threatening processes.

Negative laparotomy findings for abdominal gun shot wounds is 20%.

Nontherapeutic laparotomy for abdominal gun shot wound associated with a morbidity rate of up to 37%.

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