Green tea

Camellia sinesis leaves contain bioactive and possibly mmunostimulatory polypharmacy such as phenols such as flavonoids, catchins and tannins.

Biologic agent epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

EGCG alters the metabolism of cancer cells, slows the spread of the disease.

EGCG reduces overall cancer risk.

Decreases cancer progression by suppressing lactate dehydrogenase expression in cancers.

Green tea and green tea extracts are widely consumed, especially by patients with cancer.

No clinical evidence that it slows cancerprogression and may interfere with anti cancer agents.

Should be avoided in regimens that include bortezomib or radiotherapy.

May be associated with increasing radiotherapy skins burns when applied topically.

May be associated with higher levels of nausea and skin rash and elevated liver functions.

Meta-analyses suggests high levels of consumption reduce risk of prostate, liver and endometrial cancers.

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