Gilead sciences

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is an American biopharmaceutical company headquartered in California, USA.

The company focuses primarily on the development and manufacturing of drugs to treat viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, as well as cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Some of their notable products include Truvada for HIV, Sovaldi and Harvoni for Hepatitis C, and Remdesivir for COVID-19.

Gilead Sciences was founded in 1987 by Michael Riordan, who previously served as the CEO of Biogen. The company initially focused on producing treatments for HIV/AIDS, particularly the development of antiviral drugs.

At the time of its founding, Gilead Sciences was a relatively small company with only a few employees.

However, it quickly grew and expanded its research and development efforts, leading to the development of several blockbuster drugs.

Today, Gilead Sciences is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over $85 billion and more than 12,000 employees worldwide.


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