Gastric accommodation

Gastric accommodation is a gastric motor function which occurs following ingestion of a meal.

Impaired gastric fundic accommodation (IFA) is associated with dyspeptic symptoms. 

Gastric accommodation is mediated by the vagal pathway.

It is an adaptive process that consists of receptive relaxation of the proximal stomach in response to food intake, which provides a reservoir for incoming food without increasing intragastric pressure. 

When gastric accommodation is impaired, ingested food redistributes to  other parts of the stomach, which increases intragastric pressure and triggers early satiation.

Impaired gastric fundic accommodation is a pathophysiologic factor in several gastrointestinal disorders including functional dyspepsia, diabetic gastropathy, post-Nissen fundoplication, postsurgical gastrectomy, and rumination syndrome. 

Treatment options include: sumatriptan, buspirone, tandospirone, ondansetron, and acotiamide to improve symptoms by increasing post-meal gastric volume.

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