Ganglion cysts

Most common benign tumor of the hand, accounting for 60-70% of all hand nodules.

Contain gelatinous fluid emanating from a joint, tendon or tendon sheath.

Transilluminate with light.

May fluctuate in size.

Cause discomfort.

Approximately 10% have antecedent trauma to the wrist.

Most commonly located on the dorsum of the wrist and emanates from the scaphoid-lunate joint.

Second most common site is the volar radial forearm surface and often times overlies the radial artery.

May be located at the distal interphalangeal joint of the finger and are caused by a bone spur or an osteophyte..

Initial management is observation as spontaneous resolution may occur or the lesion may accidentally rupture from an external force.

Needle aspiration followed by an injection of steroids and local anesthetic to attempt to sclerose the cystic lining.

50% recurrence rate after drainage procedure.

Recurrent cysts can be resected with its joint capsule and the recurrence rate should fall to less than 5%.

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