A fist refers to the shape of a hand when the fingers are bent inward against the palm and held there tightly.

To make or clench a fist is to fold the fingers tightly into the center of the palm and then to clamp the thumb over the middle phalanges: a closed fist.

With an open fist the thumb is held against the side of the index finger. 

The closed fist is used to punch the lower phalanges against a surface, or to pound with the little-finger side of the hand’s heel.

The open fist is used to knock with the middle knuckle of the middle finger.

Some studies indicate that making fists can help humans to cope with stress or anxiety because the mind gets preoccupied with the tightening of the muscle to focus on the issue at hand.

Formation of a fist for the purpose of punching is the most basic knowledge taught in the sport of boxing. 

Improper formation of the fist when punching or striking an object can cause bruising and broken small bones in the hand known as Boxer’s fracture. 

Boxer’s Fracture occurs when metacarpals or small bones in the hand break on the side of the pinky and ring finger. 

The raised fist is also a symbol of rebellion, militance, resistance and unity.

Various phenomena include the term  fisti: name, such as the sexual act of fisting and the fist bump greeting.

Making a fist can reveal aspects of personality. 

People who make a fist with their thumb outside are more likely to be extroverted and assertive, in control and powerful.

Clenching the fist with thumb against the index finger, personality traits you have high IQ levels which can aid in earning higher incomes, achieve academic success and high job performance. 

Clenching the fist with thumb against the index finger suggests the presence of of skills suited for highly complicated professions such as engineer, neurosurgeon, physicist, and effective leaders with strong communication skills, possessing high levels of self-confidence, openness to new experiences, and great organization skills, proficient at reasoning and processing information to solve a problem. 

Fist with thumb locking all fingers have personality traits of high creative intelligence, imagination passion to follow their dreams, creative thinker, intuitive, open to learn and discover new things, mindful, sensitive, and daring to take on the unconventional paths.

Fist with thumb Inside have personality traits: charming, magnetic, and charismatic individual, positive attitude, sincerity, confidence, patience, inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, and unshakeable demeanour.

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