Fecal microbiota spores, live

Live fecal microbiota spores (brand name Vowst,) is a fecal microbiota product used to prevent the recurrence of Clostridioides difficile infection.

Administration-By mouth

Live fecal microbiota spores, contain live bacteria and are manufactured from human fecal matter donated by qualified individuals.

It is the first fecal microbiota product that is taken by mouth (orally).[2]

Fecal microbiota spores(live) is indicated to prevent the recurrence of Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) in individuals 18 years of age and older following antibacterial treatment for recurrent CDI.

The safety of fecal microbiota spores (live) was evaluated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study.

The participants who suffered from recurrent C. difficile infection, were subjected to 48 to 96 hours post-antibacterial treatment and their symptoms were controlled.

The most commonly reported side effects by recipients of fecal microbiota spores, live, which occurred at a greater frequency than reported by placebo recipients, were abdominal bloating, fatigue, constipation, chills and diarrhea.

Through eight weeks after treatment, CDI recurrence in Vowst-treated participants was lower compared to placebo-treated participants (12.4% compared to 39.8%).

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