Failure to thrive

Defined as a weight of less than the third percentile for age and sex on more than one occasion, a weight less than 80% of ideal weight for a child’s age, a decrease of two or more percentile lines on the growth chart, and a weight 10% less than birth weight at two weeks of age or an inability to regain birth weight by three weeks of age.

Accounts for 1-5% of pediatric hospital admissions.

In geriatric patients it is defined as weight loss, decreased appetite and poor nutrition, inactivity and often by dehydration, depression, impaired immune function and low cholesterol.

In the geriatric population occurs in both acute and chronic forms.

Leads to impaired function, morbidity from infections, pressure sores and increased mortality.

FTT has multiple contributing factors including: clinical, psychological, social and environmental factors.

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