Exopulse Mollii Suit

Exopulse Mollii Suit

The first full-body neuromodulation suit relaxing spastic and tense muscles, activating weak muscles, and relieving related chronic pain.

It is the world’s first neuromodulation suit that makes use of a physiological reflex mechanism called reciprocal inhibition.

It sends  an electrical signal to an antagonistic muscle, the spastic muscle subsequently relaxes. 

The combined effect of relaxing tense muscles and enabling the activation of weak muscles allows its users to enjoy a more active and less painful daily life. 

Neuromodulation acts directly upon nerves with the purpose of producing a natural biological response. 

It is the alteration, or modulation, of nerve activity by delivering electrical agents directly to a target area.

By a natural reflex mechanism called reciprocal inhibition, the biceps muscle will subsequently relax. 

Relaxing the muscle enables a gradual improvement in function and may also relieve related chronic pain.

It is a personal assistive medical device which is used for low-energy whole-body transcutaneous electrical stimulation, reducing the typical symptoms associated with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke or spinal cord injuries.

This neuromodulation stimulation is non-invasive and non-pharmacological, and has limited side-effects compared to other known invasive or pharmacological treatments for spasticity and related chronic pain. 

It leads to positive effects as observed in clinical studies on range of motion, balance, hand-arm functions, gait and overall quality of life.

It is composed of a jacket, pants and control unit. 

It is available in 37 sizes.

The Exopulse Suit features 58 embedded electrodes stimulating 40 key muscle groups. 

It allows 30 different settings per muscle group, using a sub-threshold 20 Hz neuromodulation stimulation.

A powered neuromodulation suit for improved mobility, balance, blood circulation and pain relief.

It has 58 imbedded electrodes, positioned to stimulate 40 key muscles throughout the body.

Recommended to be used 1 hour every second day in case of spasticity, and 1 hour every day in case of related chronic pain.

Exopulse Mollii Suit is for the use in home environment.

The suit is an assistive medical device for kids and adults with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injuries or other neurological disorders who suffer from spastic and tense muscles, weak muscle activation and related chronic pain.

Intended use:

Relaxation of spastic muscles

Relaxation of tense and spastic muscles

Activation of muscles

Increasing local blood circulation

Symptomatic relief of chronic pain

Exopulse Mollii Suit cannot be used:

If the user has implanted electronic medical devices or equipment which can be disrupted by magnets.

Together with electronic life-support equipment or high-frequency operation equipment

Together with ECG-equipment

Near a magnetic resonance imager.

Over swollen, infected, or inflamed areas or skin eruptions e.g., phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

Over the neck or mouth, as severe spasm of the laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles may occur and the contractions may be strong enough to close the airway or cause difficulty in breathing.

Transthoracically, as the introduction of electrical current into the heart may cause cardiac arrhythmias.


While driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which involuntary muscle contractions may put the user at undue risk of injury.

Outdoors, in wet rooms, in direct sunlight, or in connection with flammable materials/liquids. 


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