Exercise induced bronchospasm

Transient constriction of airways as a consequence of vigorous exertion.

70-90% of patients with chronic asthma have an exercise component to their asthma.

Occurs in 12-15% of U.S. population.

Up to 40% of patients with allergic rhinitis have exercise induced bronchospasm.

5-10% of patients have no respiratory allergic disease.

Has no effect on military recruits physical performance in basic training despite a 7% incidence among recruits.

Asthmogenic potential of exercise depends on the amount of aerobic exercise that is achieved.

Symptoms usually appear 5-10 minutes after the onset of exercise.

Cold dry air, viral infections, allergic rhinitis, dust, tobacco smoke, automobile exhaust and chlorine may trigger symptoms.

Exercise induced bronchospasm-unlike asthma the bronchospasm is not associated with inflammation in the airways.

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