Exanthem subitum

An HHV-6 infection, also known as sixth disease.

Typically affects children between six months and two years of age.

Children present with sudden high fever, which may precipitate febrile convulsions.

After a few days the fever subsides, and a red rash appears on the trunk, spreading to the legs and neck.

The rash does not itch and lasts 1-2 days.

Most children are not seriously ill.

There is no specific vaccine against or treatment for the disease.

A small number of children that acquire HHV-6 show no outward sign of the disease.

Process occurs in approximately 30% of children during primary HHV-6 infection.

Treatments with agents for Cytomegalovirus such as valganciclovir, ganciclovir, cidofovir, and foscarne have shown some success.

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