Dry socket

Also known as alveolar osteitis.

Multiple types exist.

Tissue that is supposed to replace the blood clot, known as granulation tissue, may fail to grow or be disrupted after beginning to grow, leading to the symptoms of dry socket.

Most common healing disturbance of extraction sockets.

When the disturbance of extraction socket wound healing occurs during the third stage of healing, usually from infection, from day 14-16 after extraction, a disruption in connective tissue develops.

Disruption of the extraction socket at an even later stage of healing might result in necrotizing osteitis.

Dry socket is characterized by slough of dead tissue, severe pain and foul odor.

The foul odor is a result of the disintegration of the blood clot by putrefaction.

Develops in about 1-5% of tooth extractions.

Exists when a blood clot is dislodged from the surgical site, exposing the bone and fine nerve endings.

More common in the mandibular area and in back teeth due to poorer circulation in this area, with wisdom teeth being the most common site.

Complexity of the extraction contributes to risk of development.

Delays the healing process.

Often found in individuals who smoke, and in those patients who experience sneezing, coughing, spitting, drawing through a straw, excessiv ae mouth rinsing or sucking movements within the firt 24 hours after extraction.

Smoking, may be related as a result of decreased amount of oxygen available in the healing tissues, makes it advisable to avoid smoking for at least 48 hours following tooth extraction.

Women taking oral contraceptives are more susceptible.

Should chew on the otherside of the mouth.

Pain usually lasts for 24–72 hours.

Self-limiting process that requires no specific therpy.

Certain interventions can significantly decrease pain and include: rinsing of the inflamed socket followed by the direct placement within the socket of some type of sedative dressing with aspirin, zinc oxide, eugenol and oil cloves,

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