A progestin only oral contraceptive.

Tradename Slynd.
Has similar advocacy to combination oral contraceptives.
Used predominantly by breast-feeding women and by those in whom estrogen is poorly tolerated or contraindicated.
Has been available in combination with estrogens for years.
Prevents pregnancy primarily by suppressing ovulation.
Suppress his ovulation more consistently then norethindrone.
Adverse effects: nausea, irregular bleeding, headache, breast tenderness or pain, weight gain, dysmenorrhea, and decreased libido.
Unlike norethindrone it does not exacerbate acne and may improve it.
May be associated with hyperglycemia and amenorrhea.
Could be associated with increased thromboembolism risk.
Contraindicated in hepatic or renal impairment or adrenal insufficiency patients.
Contraindicated in women with cervical or other progestin sensitive cancers, benign or malignant liver tumors, or undiagnosed abnormal uterine bleeding.
Partly metabolized by CYP3A4.
Drugs that induce CYPA4  can increase metabolism.
The first active tablet should be taken first day of menses and subsequent tablets once daily.

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