Diabetic extremity amputations

1200 per week in the U.S. and 84% preceded by a foot ulcer.

Foot ulcers and infections in diabetics have a causative role in up to 61% of lower extremity amputations (Ramsey SD).

The perioperative cardiac event rate at least 6.8% after AKA and 3.6% after BKA, and the median survival was significantly less after AKA (20 mo) than BKA (52 mo) (Subramaniam B).

Mortality rate within 3 years after such a procedure ranges from 39-80% (Pecoraro RE).

May be required with major vaso-occlusive disease, uncontrollable deformities of the foot, intractable pain, collagen vascular diseases, and a subset of patients with MRSA, osteomyelitis, or immunological deficiency interfering with the elimination of a foci of infection

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