Diabetes in children and adolescents

What was considered a disease of aging, is now observed at increasing rates in young people.

The prevalence of type two diabetes in children and adolescents has been increasing over the last few decades among youth age 10 to 19 years: relative increase of 95%.

The highest rate of type two diabetes occur among American Indian, Black and Hispanic youth.

Increasing diabetes in youth is related to unhealthy lifestyle of increased sedentary behavior, decreased physical activity, and weight gain.
Contributors to youth onset type two diabetes include: obesity, high fat/high carbohydrate diet, physical inactivity, and family history of diabetes and lower socioeconomic status.
Type two diabetes diagnosed in childhood is associated with higher morbidity and premature mortality, likely due to accelerated onset and progression of micro and macro vascular complications.
Complications of type two diabetes are evident at higher rates in the younger ages in those with youth onset type two diabetes than those with youth onset type one diabetes or in adults diagnosed with type two diabetes.

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