The most abundant steroid hormone in the circulation.

Levels decline from the third decade onward.

Longevity in healthy adults associated with relatively high levels of DHEA.

Adrenal DHEA is a precursor two more potent androgens such as dihydroxytestosterone , which binds to the androgen receptors and normally cancer cells.

Modestly increases testosterone levels in women.

In the absence of hypogonadism replacement therapy with DHEA has minimal effect on testosterone levels in men.

Administration to elderly men and women with low androgen levels for about 23 months resulted in increased sulfated DHEA that would be considered high normal range for young adults, and it resulted in slightly increased levels of testosterone and estradiol in women and levels of estradiol in men.

SLCO2B1 is ian organic anionic transporter enables anticancer compounds in hormones to enter cells.

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