The CytoSorb Device (CytoSorb) is a non-pyrogenic, sterile, single-use device containing adsorbent polymer beads designed to remove cytokines, as blood passes through the device. 

CytoSorb is placed in a blood pump circuit.

CytoSorb is indicated for use in conditions where elevated levels of cytokines are present. 

Maximum treatment time per device: 24 hours.

Day 1: Change device every 12 hours; Day 2: Change device at 24 hours; Day 3: Change device at 24 hours.

Maximum Blood Flow Rate: 700 mL/min.

Minimum Blood Flow Rate: 100 mL/min 

Recommended Blood Flow Rate: 150-500mL/min

Caution should be used at low flow rates as the potential for clotting may increase.


• marked thrombocytopenia

Any pre-existing contraindication to extracorporeal therapy

Known allergies to extracorporeal circuit components

History of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Acute sickle cell crisis.

Morbid obesity with BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2

Any pre-existing advanced medical disease with life-expectancy less than 1 month

Treatment deemed clinically futile


Relative Contraindications

Concomitant use of corticosteroids

Patients who are profoundly immune suppressed

Complications associated with extracorporeal therapies include blood loss due to leaks, hypothermia, dyspnea, hypoxia/hypotension, and death due to air embolism.

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