Core needle biopsy

Method of obtaining tissue from lesions, particularly from the breast.

Has virtually replaced excisional biopsy in management of palpable breast lesions.

Sensitivity of the process in diagnosing malignant lesions as high as 99%.

Procedure now commonly perfomed for radiographically detectable lesions with stereotactic and ultrasound guided biopsies.

It is preferable to obtain multiple core specimens rather than obtaining samples using fine needle aspiration/cytology.

Core needle biopsies provide a greater amount of tissue with a higher diagnostic yield, and can be used to distinguish invasive from in situ disease and are better suited for immuno histochemistry, to evaluate biomarker expression on the invasive component.

Easily palpable tumors can be biopsied free hand for core needle biopsies, however image guided biopsies are advantageous because they have better diagnostic accuracy and can be deployed with a radio opaque clip left in the cancer bed.

Such clips can facilitate subsequent surgical management in patients who are candidates for neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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