Colon carcinoma resection

Mortality rate ranges from 1 to 6 % for resection of colon cancer.

Goal in resection of early stage colon cancer is attaining R0 resection.

Patients who achieve R0 resection s compared to R1 and R2 have significantly improved long-term survival (R classification).

Traditionally, open resection of the colon tumor is employed, with end-end anastomosis of the uninvolved free margins.

Laporosopic resection for early stage disease decreases morbidity with similar outcomes and node sampling.

Laporoscopic resection provides similar outcomes in locally advanced disease.

Right sided lesions are treated with right colectomy and primary ileocolic anastomosis.

For patients with obstructing masses, the Hartmann procedure is the most commonly performed procedure, involving an ostomy with subtotal colectomy and subsequent ostomy reversal.

Surgery for patients with invasion into surrounding structures requires multivisceral resection.

Patients who have an intestinal perforation have increased surgical complications, infections, and lowered 5 year survival.

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