Cold intolerance

Feeling cold associations:

Low body weight defined as a BMI hovering around 18.5 or under.

Being underweight, is associated with inadequate level of body fat to insulate from cold temperatures.

Taking in fewer calories slows the metabolism and decreases body heat.


Inadequate iron

Poor circulation

Raynaud’s disease

Sleep deprivation with reduction in activity in the hypothalamus, the control panel of the brain where body temperature is regulated.

Fatigued from a restless night slows metabolic rate metabolism producing less heat and slower circulation.

Dehydration-adequate hydration traps water heat and releases it slowly, keeping body temperature in a comfortable zone, with less water, your body is more sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Female gender-women are better at conserving heat than men, by maintaining blood flow to vital organs such as the brain and heart.

This process directs blood flow toward these organs and away from less vital organs like hands and feet, which leaves these body parts chronically cold.

Women have a slightly higher core body temperature than men, but their hands are an average of 2.8 degrees cooler.

Diabetes secondary to peripheral neuropathy

Low muscle mass-Muscle helps maintain body temperature by producing heat.



Weight Loss

Unintentional Weight Gain

No Menstrual Period

Low Blood Pressure

Dry Skin


Menstrual Irregularity


Anorexia Nervosa

Causes of a persistent feeling of cold:









Peripheral artery disease



((Raynaud’s phenomenon))



Raynaud’s disease is most common in:






people older than 30



people who live in cold climates



family history 









Low body weight



Poor circulation



Symptoms include:









pain in limbs



muscle cramps



Vitamin B-12 deficiency



Feeling cold all the time is a potential side effect of beta blockers. 



Some individuals have differences in the expression of uncoupling proteins, thus affecting their amount of thermogenesis. 



Psychology may also play a factor in perceived temperature.



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