Clear liquid diet

A clear liquid diet requires very little energy for the body to digest. It may be prescribed in preparation for certain surgeries and medical procedures, or as a temporary remedy for gastrointestinal distress. A clear liquid diet includes clear vegetable soup broth, and vegetable broth. Clear liquids are easy for the body to digest, and leave nothing behind in the digestive tract, making it easier for doctors to perform a range of procedures.

Clear liquids provide calories, electrolytes, and water, they help nourish the body and prevent dehydration.

A clear liquid diet usually includes:


clear juices without pulp

electrolyte drinks, ginger ale, and club soda

clear broths

plain popsicles that do not contain pureed fruit or chunks

hard candy

gelatin products, such as Jell-O

tea without milk or cream

Some clear liquids are forbidden on a clear liquid diet and include:


alcoholic drinks

tomato and vegetable juices

dairy products

Liquids with red or purple coloring

A patient should not eat any solid foods, even fruits and vegetables, on a clear liquid. Clear liquid diet are offered for:

Preparation for a medical procedure.

Pre or post-operation for surgery. Often recommended before a colonoscopy.

A clear liquid diet can be helpful after a period of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. A clear liquid diet may also prevent dehydration, and help those vulnerable to nausea due to chemotherapy, and certain medications. other medical conditions may benefit from trying a clear liquid diet at certain times.

A clear liquid diet offers fewer nutrients than a balanced diet rich in proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and other foods, and can lead to malnourishment.

Clear liquid diets are especially risky for the following groups:

underweight people.

people with nutritional or electrolyte imbalances.

people with eating disorders.

people with certain endocrine disorders.


A clear liquid diet is not a safe option for weight loss. Being on a clear liquid diet for an extended period of time or who do so without a medical reason can experience a wide range of symptoms, including:


mood swings



muscle pain

bone damage

A clear liquid diet is associated with food cravings

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