Cervical cancer staging

IA1-stromal invasion ≤3 mm in depth and extension ≤7mm

IA2-stromal invasion >3mm and ≤ 5 mm in depth with horizontal extension ≤7mm

IB1-clinically visible lesions ≤4 cm

IB2-clinically visible lesions > 4 cm

IIA-cervical carcinoma invades beyond the uterus, no parametrial involvement

IIB-cervical carcinoma invades beyond the uterus with parametrial involvement

IIIA-tumor involves lower third of vagina no pelvic sidewall extension

IIIB-extension to pelvic sidewall, hydronephrosis or non-functioning kidney

IVA-carcinoma extends beyond the true pelvis with direct extension to the mucosa of the rectum or bladder

IVB-carcinoma extends beyond the true pelvis with spread the distant organs

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