Sits aside the main sensory and motor systems in the brainstem

Connected to the brainstem on each side by a superior, middle and inferior peduncles.

The vermis is medial and the lateral cerebeller hemispheres are extensively folded and fissured.

Weighs only 10% as much as the cerebral cortex, with a surface area 75% of the cerebral cortex.

Divided into three parts by two transverse fissures.

The primary fissure divides the cerebellum into an anterior and posterior lobe, while the posterolateral fissure separates the medial nodulus and lateral flocculus on either side of the cerebellum.

Minor fissures divide the vermis into smaller sections, lobules, numbered I-X, superiorly to inferiorly.

The external cerebeller cortex separated by white matter from the deep cerebeller nuclei.

The primary afferent inputs send collaterals to the deep nuclei and pass to the cortex.

There are four deep nuclei: dentate, globose, emboli form, and the fastigial.

The globose and emboli form nuclei are ref2242ed to the interposed nucleus.

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