Cellular phones

In total, the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 7.33 Billion, making up 91.21% of the world’s population.

Recent use of hand-held cellular telephones not associated with increase in brain tumors.

No biologic basis exists for self-reported sensitivity to mobile phones.

Cell phone radiofrequency emissions are absorbed by the hand and head of the user.

Energy absorbed from cell phones is a function of absorption rate, duration of use and how the phone is used.

The use of a cell phone while driving is associated with a six times higher safety-critical event (Olsen RL et al).

The FDA radiofrequency exposure risk analysis to assess the possibility of a causal relationship between radiofrequency radiation exposure from devices like cell phones and the formation of tumors.



There is insufficient evidence to support a causal association between RFR exposure and tumorigenesis. 



There were  no quantifiable adverse health effects found to be caused by exposures at or under the current cell phone exposure limits.


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