Cardiac output

Resting blood flow in a 63 kg adult male:

At rest cardiac output is roughly 5 L per minute and arterial oxygen content is roughly 20 mL per 100 mL of blood.

Liver 1500 cc/min-57.7 mL/100g/min

Kidneys 1260 cc/min-420 mL/100g/min

Skeletal muscle 840 cc/min-2.7mL/100g/min

Brain 750 cc/min-54 mL/100g/min

Skin 462 cc/min-12.8 mL/100g/min

The rest of the body 336 cc/min-1.4 mL/100g/min

Heart muscle 250 cc/min-84 mL//100g/min

Whole body 5400 cc/min-8.6 mL/100g/min

About 1 L of oxygen leaves the left ventricle each minute at rest in a generic healthy young person.

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