Buschke-Lowenstein tumor

Rare, cauliflower like mass that is slow growing and known as a giant condyloma.

A regional variant of v2242ucous carcinoma.

Lesions do not metastasize.

Manifests with deep penetration of adjacent tissues.

Generally larger than condyloma acuminate.

Secondary infections are common.

Mean age of patients with perianal presentation is 43 years with a male:female ratio of 2.2:1.

Associated with HPV 6 and HPV 115.

Fistulas from inflammatory bowel disease implicated in anal recurrences.

Recurrence rate after excision is 60-66% and an overall mortality rate of 20-30%.

Transformation into a malignancy reported in 30-56% pf cases.

Histopathology reveals broad rounded rete pegs that extend deep into the underlying tissues with an absence of cellular atypia and well differentiated squamous cells surrounded by inflammation.

Interferon use associated with moderate success.

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