Breast thermography

Generally mammograms can detect tumors when they have reached 1 cm in size.

Thermography can help detect possible tumors in their very early stages because it measures the changes in the physiology of the breast.

Thermography detects heat and increased vascularity as the byproduct of biochemical reactions using safe infrared sensors.

The heat pattern is compiled into a computerized image for analysis.

Thermography has no associated radiation.

Non-invasive examination.

Painless and harmless

Can be used as often as monitoring breast health.

Detects physiologic changes in the breast.

Does not diagnose cancer.

Can detect abnormalities of the breast up to 10 years before cancer is discovered by other methods.

Misses diagnosis in only 10% of cancers as opposed to 20% and 40% for mammograms.

Thick breast tissue does interfere with accuracy.

False positives occur in 10% as opposed to 25% false-positives for mammograms.

Can detect thermal signs consistent with with pre-cancerous and cancerous tumors as deep as the chest wall.

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