Borderline tumors of the ovary

Tumors of a low malignant potential.

These lesions are confined to the ovary, FIGO stage I, integrated and 80% of initially diagnosed patients.

Survival is essentially 100% at 10 years for stage I ovarian borderline tumors(Trimble CL et al).

If initially these lesions have no extraovarian disease no further surgeries, treatments, or imaging studies that need be done.

For patients with FIGO stage II-IV with extra-ovarian disease that 10 year survival rate is 98% for stage II and 96% for stage III patients(Trimble CL et al).

The 10 year survival rate is nearly 80% for patients with stage for borderline tumors.

Micro-papillary serious carcinoma are borderline tumors which were initially thought to have an unfavorable outcome, but in the absence of invasive implants are not associated with an adverse outcome.

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